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help you when you took over from Holger Osieck? Experienced players are essential, both for clubs and national teams. In Brazil, I'll have players who've already been to one or even two final tournaments, and who have a deep understanding of international competitions. I'm certain they'll be able to look out for the youngsters and help them in any situation. With a successful playing career spanning two decades and replete with silverware and memorable moments, there were reasons aplenty for Fabio Cannavaro to be c Buy Clarisonic Aria hosen as one of Final Draw assistants for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazilâ„¢. Topping the Cheap Clarisonic Aria list, however, was his inspirational performance as captain of th 2014 C Clarisonic Aria larisonic Aria e Italy side that claimed the coveted Trophy at Germany 2006, which also led to the centre-back winning the FIFA Worl Outlet Clarisonic Aria d Player of the Year award. caught up with the 40-year-old Italian on Brazilian soil and, in addition to touching on the past, present and future of this iconic former defender and aspiring coach, sought out his unique

insights 2014 Clarisonic Aria on the countries which had the biggest impact during his stellar career. What comes to mind when you think about football in Brazil? Fabio Cannavaro: When you talk about Brazil, you talk about football. We’re talking about one of those countries where football is different: it’s seen as a spectacle, a reason for living. I’m proud to be Italian, but there are different ways of seeing the game. I’m also proud because I know that, of Cheap Clarisonic Aria the five world titles Brazil have Clarisonic Aria won, two of them came against us [in 1970 Outlet Clarisonic Aria and 1994]. That makes me proud. Brazil is football. What do you think ranks as Italy's greatest strength when the national team crosses the white line onto the pitch? We’ve got a lot of technical ability but, more than anything else, we show a lot of heart, sacrifice and a willingness to win a Buy Clarisonic Aria t all costs. We’re willing to play ugly if necessary. For us, winning is everything: that’s our secret. We’ve got the willpower to overcome difficulties

and obstacles – that’s something Italy’s always had and it’s something to be proud of. There’s been a lot of talk about how the Italian national team has changed and become mo Buy Clarisonic Aria re adventurous since Cesar Prandelli took over. Do you agree? Italian football has chang Cheap Clarisonic Aria ed a lot, but not just through Prandelli. If you look at the past 20 years of European competition, some of the best football’s been played by AC Milan. The national team too, the one I played in that won the 2006 World Cup, for example. We finished some games with four forwards, two midfielders – one of whom was [Andrea] Pirlo, who was attack-minded – and two attacking full-backs in [Gianluca] Zambrotta and [Fabio] Grosso. But people always remember the Italy si Clarisonic Aria de of the 19 2014 Clarisonic Aria 30s, when catenaccio was the prevailing trend. Nowadays we still know how to defend, but we can attack too. We have more of the ball. We weren’t Italian enough. We should have been… well not d Outlet Clarisonic Aria irty, but certainly more

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